Monday, October 21, 2013

Living Praise

Written by: Anna Bryant

Give me strength to follow you Lord.
Help me to know your face in a crowd.
Let me not lose sight of the goal while in this world of training. 
I have struggled to run this race which was set for me, since before I was born. 

I want to know how I can best praise  your name.
Is it by dancing to a song giving you praise?
Or by reciting the best written script imaginable?
You say all these things will pass away….

So what is it you want from us?
A question so many have strived to answer,
yet why are so many unsatisfied.
What if the best answer is contentment to your will….

what if we stop trying to chose what is worthy of your praise 
   Love like you did,
Pray as you prayed to your Father,
Trust in the promises you have made.
Living out our faith instead of acting out faith.

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