Saturday, July 4, 2015

A Heart's Season

My heart was ragged from the storm. 
This world was supposed to be different. 
If I followed your will the door would open, but I can't seem to find a key. 

Through the trial, I found you. 
It was in the rain my will broke. 
You were there in the rain and the mud. 
You have found me.
You held me. 
I was not abandoned. 

Today is a journey. 
Time of sunshine. 
Time of rain. 
Time of rebirth.  

With each step I am walking toward the new. 
Through all seasons you are there. 
Comforter for the pain. 
Lover to the empty. 
Healer of all. 
You are there. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sands of the Journey

By: Anna Bryant

I have become a wanderer in the parched lands of a desert.  
When I began this journey through dunes of an unknown land. 
I was filled with excitement and ambition, ready to take on the world.
No doubts.
Not even a single worry.

Now I have miles behind me and an unknown number still lay ahead. 
The sun, which had filled me with a sense of adventure before, has now just become a painful reminder. 
Another day has come and I have yet to complete what I started.

I look in every direction.
Sand is my past, present, and future.
My heart is heavier than the pack in which I carry.
There are no walls around me and yet any step I take appears meaningless.

I scream with all my might, but it is just me here, alone.
The sound bounces off the thoughts within my head.
“You will die, before you find your dreams.”
“You are all dried up.”
“You are nothing.”

I fall to me knees, my body tensed by the invisible blows.
I am broken into small pieces to match the grains of sand.
“Abba.” Is whispered through parched lips.
Tears would fall, but my water was empty.

Moment built upon moment. 
Hours passed, my body ached with stiffness. 
For the time, the reward is a deafening silence.  
My mind into a numb state. 
I lifted my head with hopes my surroundings had changed. 
Sand is still all I saw.

I Am still with you in the sands.

I sit locked into place, glancing all around me. 
The small gentle voice held so much promise.
He had not magically change my surrounds. 
He did not create an oasis to splash against my weathered face. 
But there was a change.

My feet were still weary and eyes were still strained. 
But I held a new strength and courage.
I was not alone.

As I now place my feet beneath me, I will continue to tread these sands. 
I do not know where this journey will take me nor do I know where it will end. 
Step by step through the sands I grow closer to the gentle voice who gave me strength.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Broken Rhythm

I did not know I would see this day come.
Seven years ago my life was very different.
Dark, pain filled, broken.
But how the Lord has compassion on the brokenhearted.

His heart is turned toward my outcries.
I had turned away from God and pursued my own heart.
I did not know His heart made my heart beat truer.
His heart brought mine into proper rhythm.

As years have passed our rhythm has reunited.
Bringing hope, peace, and life.
It has been a process of surrender.
I saw the truth, He knows me, He knows the real me.

Piecing the pieces of a shattered heart appears impossible.
My Savior is willing to put his hand to the task.
He has picked up each piece up with tenderness and care.
placing each one into it's proper place.

Growing pains filled as the pieces fit together to beat anew.
There were misplaced beats as my heart searched for rhythm again.
            Thump --

He never gave up on me.
He knew my heart would aline back into rhythm with his.
A heart and love which has more strength than the one before it.
A life redeemed.

A Change of Step

"We can make our plans,
    but the Lord determines our steps."
                                        Proverbs 16:9
Tomorrow is filled with many things, many of which I cannot begin to imagine. I give my days to the one who made them, only He is worthy to carry them. I have been blessed with many years to live life. Each day has been a gift. Over the years I have been alive I have seen many remarkable things happen and have grown from every one of them. We are given a set number of days here on this earth; use them wisely. Share love with those around you. Learn what you can and do what you can to make this world a better place.
You have a voice, speak truth.
You have hands, use them to aid someone in need.
You have a smile, share it freely to bring light and hope to another's day.
You make a difference!

Wednesday, January 7, 2015