Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Broken Rhythm

I did not know I would see this day come.
Seven years ago my life was very different.
Dark, pain filled, broken.
But how the Lord has compassion on the brokenhearted.

His heart is turned toward my outcries.
I had turned away from God and pursued my own heart.
I did not know His heart made my heart beat truer.
His heart brought mine into proper rhythm.

As years have passed our rhythm has reunited.
Bringing hope, peace, and life.
It has been a process of surrender.
I saw the truth, He knows me, He knows the real me.

Piecing the pieces of a shattered heart appears impossible.
My Savior is willing to put his hand to the task.
He has picked up each piece up with tenderness and care.
placing each one into it's proper place.

Growing pains filled as the pieces fit together to beat anew.
There were misplaced beats as my heart searched for rhythm again.
            Thump --

He never gave up on me.
He knew my heart would aline back into rhythm with his.
A heart and love which has more strength than the one before it.
A life redeemed.

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