Sunday, June 9, 2013

Discover your Worship

 "5 There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord.6 God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us.
  7 A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.8 To one person the Spirit gives the ability to give wise advice*; to another the same Spirit gives a message of special knowledge."
1 Corinthians 12:5-8

We are all different, so all of our worship is going to look a little different from each other. We are given a precious gift of using our talents to glorify God. Some through art, others through music, and still others that create through the storytelling of theater. Life your life in truth. No matter how you worship, do it with your whole heart. I challenge you, hold nothing back! 

P.s. I would love for you to comment and share how you worship!

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