Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Journey Home

Written by: Anna Bryant

In memory of the friends and family who have run their race.

I thought this was over
yet the tears fall again. 
I thought I was better,
and here I am again
with my shattered heart in my hands.
Slivers under my finger nails. 

Tears once more mark my face with pain and loss. 
The wet blanket of pain covers me in a moment.
Suffocating me. 

My body surges for the touch of those dead and gone.
The memory of there cold forms torment my mind.
Buried deep in the ground.
Gone is the warmth of their smiles, except in the fading memories. 

How could one forget their faces,
their laughs,
their touch. 
But time will pass and our minds will age, leaving our loved ones to rest. 

We will see some of them again when our time comes to cross from this world to the next. 
When we escape the pains of death,
to be released into the arms of the Savior and see the faces of those who have been waiting...
                                                         ...waiting for us to come home. 

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