Thursday, June 20, 2013

You Were Here

Written by: Anna Bryant
In memory of James Owens

You were there.

With your deep, dark eyes looking into my small form.

Your hands, used to hard work, touching my spirit

Who knew I would be so much like you?!


You watched me when I toddled around the room gazing for adventure.

Watching as I learned to pick myself up, teaching me.

Scolding me with a rough tone while I fell into fits of giggles when you pretended to be grumpy.

I saw your heart, your love, your spirit.


You were always there for each performance no matter what my role was.

I learned to expect you there.

I eagerly awaited the hug that always followed at the end of a performance.

I loved how your face lit up when it found mine.


I'm not sure when it happened but you always amazed me.

You became my hero.

I wanted to work with wood because you did it.

I wanted to learn about cars because of you.


Now you’re gone.

And I now have broken pieces of my heart that ache after you.

I can't run into those strong arms when the world seems to swallow me whole.

I stand over your grave searching for you, looking for a glimpse of sparkle, but it just seems cold and gray.


Will my life ever be the same?



Life goes on and I look for you everyday.

A smell will take me back to a moment in time with you. A memory.

Your love, your heart will beat once more in mine, joining with my spirit.

Giving me strength to love once more.

Painting by: Kathryn Barber


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