Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Remember your words have power to build up or destroy, speak truth in love 

By: Anna Bryant

I watch you smile with another's blood dripping from your fangs.
You push and shove to get your way, leaving destruction as a trail behind you. 

Do you not care about the dreams you've crushed?
The hearts you've broken?
The searing pain you've slit in others passions by speaking filthy lies. 

A heart has been turned to stone by your loathing words. 
You carry the blame of what you stole. 
You will be tried,
                And found guilty with her blood on your hands. 

May God be your judge!

Lord God help the broken and shattered spirit. Bind up the broken shards. Use this pain. Transform the broken wing into one filled with serving strength. Give courage to fly again. May we all be filled and shine your glory! All power to you Lord!

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