Monday, June 24, 2013


By: Anna Bryant 
Emotions are humans blessing and curse. 
The heart is one of the most fragile pieces of this world. 
Your mind try's to grasp what exactly your emotions are, 
Are they happy? 
Are sad? 
What are they? 
People think they have their own emotions figured out. 
Do they? 
Broken hearts mend through time and friends. 
Friends that keep you close. 
Emotions are confusing, but I think it is a way Christ molds into more like him. 
Are emotions real?
Can they be trusted? 
What is the purpose for them? 
Emotions equal questions, 
Questions equal searching, 
Searching equal understanding, 
Understanding shows us purpose, 
And purpose proves God. 
Emotions can be painful but through them you gain understanding. 
I really don't know the answer "are emotions good for us?" but I am searching.

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